The Letter of Aftersales Service Commitment
The Company is China’s key manufacturer of special vehicles with independent R&D capability. After many years of persistent efforts from all of our colleagues, we have established a complete industrial chain that are comprised of design, manufacturing, sales, quality tests and aftersales service. Aftersales service is an important pillar for the Company’s presales, mid-sales and aftersales links. Particularly, with the Company’s increasingly growing production capacity and unfolding export business in recent years, its aftersales service system has been improved in an all-round way.

Service system

(1) Service system is an important link of Quality Management System. The Company has achieved the certification of ISO9001-2000 Quality Management System (Registration ID: 05706Q10355ROM).

(2) Service Guarantee: the service of the Company strictly follows its procedure documents and quality guidelines, and combines the demand of market and users.

(3) Service Principles: Professionalism creates value, and integrity forges the future.

(4) Service Organizations: the aftersales departments which are under the direction of sales companies are responsible for the Company’s aftersales service work and managing the service work of each overseas office.   

Service Rules

1. For products within the period of the “Three Guarantees” service, repair is the main way and there is no repair fee (excluding quick-wear components and electronic parts).

2. Lifetime repair service. For products beyond the repair-guarantee period, if their parts need to be replaced, only the fee of relevant cost will be charged.

3. Free training for operators:

(1)The Company will arrange senior engineers to provide on-site instruction, and teach theories and actual operation; 

(2) Grasp basic theories, performance and functions of special vehicles; 

(3) Be capable of proficient operation; 

(4) Be capable of conducting normal routine maintenance and eliminating common technical failures.