Liaoning Ruifeng Special Vehicle Manufacture Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred as “the Company”)was founded in 2012 with a registered capital of RMB 160 million yuan. The Company is located in No. 1 of Songhuajiang Road, Development Zone, Haicheng City, Liaoning Province. The location in the northern end of Liaodong Peninsula bestows the Company with sound regional advantages and convenient transportation conditions, including the Shenyang-Dalian Highway, Ha’erbin-Dalian High-Speed Railway and Ha’erbin-Dalian Expressway connecting the north and south. 

The Company has a land coverage of around 456,000 square meters and a building area of about 206,357 square meters, which is mainly divided into two functional zones, i.e., production and office work. In the zone of office work, a fifteen-floor office building, a R&D building, an expert building, dormitory buildings and other infrastructures have been established. In the production zone, joint factories, blanking workshops, machining workshops, integrated warehouses, the zones for centralized gas supply and oil supply and the warehouse for hazardous chemicals have been built. The Company has acquired a number of advanced production equipment, including the 2400T CNC plate bending machine, CNC laser cutting machine, CNC precision plasma cutting machine, the robots for welding, joining and seaming inside the posterior segment of vehicle frames and the welding and joining of vehicle frame bezels, CNC gantry boring-milling machines, double-side CNC floor boring-milling machines, automatic painting line and smart assembly line. 

Since its foundation, the Company has fostered a management and R&D team with rich experience and solid professional skills, which consists of 10 senior experts, 5 PhDs, 20 researcher-level senior engineers, 50 engineers and 8 senior managers. They have both intensive and extensive professional knowledge, and a deep understanding of the market and technological development trend of special vehicles at home and abroad. Many years of commitment provide them with rich experience of the design and development of special vehicles and their parts and components. The professionals have the competence of developing and manufacturing high-tech special vehicles, and of digesting and absorbing advanced Chinese and foreign technologies of special vehicles. The Company has formed a R&D team for products at the technological frontiers. The Company has signed Sales and Purchase Agreements (SPA) and become partners with a number of part suppliers, which guarantee providing more than ten thousand types of parts and components that could meet the demand of near one hundred kinds of special vehicles. At presents, the Company has obtained 75 national patents for Utility Models, 1 patent for invention, and achieved certifications for ISO9001 (International Quality Management Systems), ISO14001(International Environment Management Systems) and the International Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems. The Company has been awarded with distinguished laurels, including the “Outstanding Private Chinese Enterprise in Petroleum and Chemical Industries during the Twelfth Five-Year Plan” and the “Outstanding Contributor to China-Asia Economic Cooperation”.

Via independent innovation, the Company has successfully developed and manufactured the Model 2000 fracturing truck, Model 2500 fracturing truck, 100-barrel fracturing blender truck, 105 manifold truck, data van, 25T truck crane, 12T lorry-mounted crane and other products. The fracturing pump trucks produced by Liaoning Ruifeng have the advantages of high pressure, high discharge, corrosion resistance, sound trafficability, etc., a backbone facility for increasing oilfield output and shale gas production. Its fracturing blender trucks have the merits of sufficient momentum, high-precision control, high discharge, corrosion resistance, sound trafficability, operator friendliness, safety, reliability and others. Data vans are composed of chassis, power system, air-conditioning system, intercom system and network data collection system, which are capable of controlling 16 pump trucks at the same time, and transmit and display in real time the fracturing operation data during the whole process. In addition, the trucks can analyze, process and record operation data, and print out the data and reports in curve graphs in the end. The control system equipped with data vans has passed rigorous tests. It has mature and reliable technology and can work under the extreme condition of -40°C~+50°C. Its operation cabin is equipped with 6 sets of screen monitoring systems, 1 set of 55-inch data-displaying screen and 5 sets of 22-inch screens for control and operation. Its control methods combine wireless and wired approach with open communication protocols, which can control fracturing and blending equipment from several brands. It is available for remote control and convenient and fast update. Smart detection and remote assistance can be offered to find and solve malfunction and failures, so that customers have no worry for choosing our products.The 25T truck crane and jib boom developed by the Company adopts the latest U-shaped cross-section structure, 100 kg-level steel as the main material, fixed slider support. Thus,the equipment has the advantages of compact space structure, small exterior dimension, small land coverage during operation, light self-weight, huge lifting capacity, excellent centering, etc.

Liaoning Ruifeng Special Vehicle Manufacture Co., Ltd. upholds the business principles of “Guaranteed Quality, Professional Services and Customer Satisfaction” and the business philosophy of “valuing benevolence, making light of profits and truly serving people”, in order to make further and practical progress and innovation to drive forward to our ideals. All of our colleagues in Ruifeng deeply believe that under the correct guidance of corporate leaders, as long as we have the escort of China’s policies of increasingly deepening reforms, Ruifeng will realize its grand plans on the economic platform and become an international enterpriseinvolved in multiple industries.