Corporate Culture

Liaoning Ruifeng Special Vehicle Manufacture Co., Ltd. upholds the business principles of “Guaranteed Quality, Professional Services and Customer Satisfaction” and the business philosophy of “valuing benevolence, making light of profits and truly serving people”, in order to make further and practical progress and innovation to drive forward to our ideals. All of our colleagues in Ruifeng deeply believe that under the correct guidance of corporate leaders, as long as we have the escort of China’s policies of increasingly deepening reforms, Ruifeng will realize its grand plans on the economic platform and become an international enterprise involved in multiple industries. 

Corporate Values
People First  Keeping Pace With the Time  Cooperation and Win-Win  Trailblazing for the Future
Honesty  Diligence  Cooperation Development
Corporate Spirit
Go Beyond the Limitless Space of Possibilities
Corporate Ideals
Creating Harmonious Home for Employees and Offering First-Class Products for Customers
Corporate Principles
Building an Enterprise that Lasts for more than One Hundred Years, and Forging a Glorious Brand
Corporate Targets
Development Principles
Involvement of All the Staff  Strengthening Management  Making Perfection More Perfect  Forging Quality

Encouraging Four Types of Attitude—The attitude of unity, coordination, progress and innovation; The attitude of diligence and thriftiness in running company and entrepreneurship with hard work; The attitude of hard struggle and fight for achieving first-level results; The attitudes of persistent progress and daring to pioneer. 

Establishing four kinds of concepts—The concept of survival of the fittest; The concept of bold reform; The concept of quality and efficacy; The concept of being unafraid of innovating.

Strengthening four kinds of awareness—The awareness of learning; The awareness of competition; The awareness of efficiency; The awareness of honesty.

Training four kinds of manner of work—The manner of resolution and efficiency; The manner of discipline and obedience; The manner of strict management and courageous implementation; The manner of commitment, dedication, diligence and conscientiousness. 

The Key Points of Corporate Culture
Development Philosophy
Forging glory with quality and honesty, and Carving the future with the talented and brand.
Social Responsibility
Since its foundation, the Company has upheld corporate social responsibility as its fundamental value. Based on its own actual condition, the Company has been devoted to fulfilling its due responsibilities and obligations towards shareholders, employees, neighboring areas and other perspectives. It has also strived to makecontribution within its capacity to public good and welfare, and to promote coordinated and harmonious development among the Company, society and nature. The Company takes the initiative to be supervised by regulatory and supervisory departments and all sectors of society, increasingly improves corporate governance system, enhances the establishment of social responsibility management system, continues supporting public good, assists the disadvantaged groups, promotes coordinated and harmonious development between the Company and neighboring areas and makes due contribution to the Harmonious Society.