Lorry-Mounted Crane For Drill Pipe
    Publish time 2017-06-07 13:22    

SQ10S features

High strength:Use super-strength steel plate with the basic jib moment reaching 250KN·m and the full extensional main jib moment reaching 220KN·m. The comprehensive lifting performance leads the industry.
High safety: Use various sensor and sound-light alarm systems to guarantee operation safety and reliability.
Better energy conservation:Scientific dynamic matching to make the power transmission stronger and the system more energy-efficient.
Excellent operability:Use open load-sensitive hydraulic system and hydraulic guide hand shank. Use imported pump, valve and other key hydraulic components to make the hydraulic system run more stable and more reliable.
High trafficability: The chassis is specially design for oil field. So, it has great sports and trafficability performance.
More comfortable:Use full-width cab to make it adapt to ergonomic design and driver-friendly.
High reliability:Assemble ABS system to make the braking system safer and more reliable.
Overlength carriage: total length of the carriage is 9.6m adapting to transportation of exceptional length goods (such as oil field drill pipe).

Main parameters of the product
project parameter
Product model (mm) SQ10S
Product dimension (mm) 11900×2500×3850
Total weight (kg) 25000
Engine power (kw) 203
Maximum lifting weight (kg) 10000
Maximum lifting moment (kn·m)(KN ·m) 250
Full extensional main jib (m) 13.1
Maximum travelling speed (km/h) 90
Maximum gradeability (%) 30
Approach angle(°) 17
Departure angle(°)

Product configurations
Item Standard configuration Optional configuration
Chassis CNHTC Wuyue FAW
Engine Weichai SDEC
Main pump Parker HYTEK
Main valve Parker
Cylinder Zhangjiakou Great Wall Fushun Yongmao
Reducer Xuzhou CKEY
Revolving support Maanshan Fangyuan