130-Tank Tracturing Blender Truck
    Publish time 2017-06-06 15:25    

Product features
Sand-prevention design: increase the bearing life
Double dry-adding technique: set the primary and subsidiary dry-adding systems into different precisions in order to meet different precision requirements.
Hydraulic control multichannel: hydraulic control, reserving liquid adding channel; offer multiple options to clients in order to enlarge the range of application.
Intelligent control cabinet: adaptive control system, undisturbed switching between manual and automatic operation, wire and wireless transmission.
Measurement technology: guided radar level instrument replacing ultrasonic level gauge; removing influence of foam in order to measure more accurately.

Technical parameters
Model of fracturing blender truck RFHSC20
Installed power (HP)
Maximum clear water displacement (m³/min) 20
Maximum working pressure (Mpa) 0.7
Maximum sediment transporting capacity (m³/h) 360
Maximum sand liquid density(kg/m³ 2400
Blending tank capacity (m³) 1.1
Dry adding system displacement(L/min) 10,50
Liquid adding system displacement(L/min) 1568170480
Chassis MANTGS41.440 8×6
Total weight(T) 31
Boundary dimension (mm) 1280×2500×4100

Product configurations
Item Standard configuration Optional configuration
Chassis MAN Benz、Kenworth
Engine Cummins Mtu、Cat
Drive system Shuanghuan/Rexroth/ Danfoss Stiebel/ Eaton/ Parker
Special configuration Mixing and stirring system/double-suction and double-discharge manifold system/ electromagnetic flowmeter Acid-proof mixing and stirring system/ acid-proof double-suction and double-discharge manifold system/ turbine flowmeter
Density calculation Calculation software Physical densimeter
Dry adding quantity 2 Customized
Liquid adding quantity 4 Customized

Safer and more reliable
Double engine, double pump
Double engine and double suction pump design
Backup for each other, or work independently
Able to work together to make the equipment safer and more reliable