Method for adjusting suspension arm over roll protection device
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The overhead arm over roll protection device is necessary for machine safety work. Be sure to check the function of the device before starting the operation. When operating the machine, must open the limit of the balance hoisting overwind device. If the device is out of order or out of order, it should stop working immediately and repair. The machine must not be used before the repair is completed.
1, crane limit overwind device cannot be removed, if the crane limit volume protection device is opened, and the drum locking device has been transferred to the switch, then reel lock mechanism is not disengaged, this is due to the crane limit overwind device cannot be released, rising express will not open reel lock hanging. Therefore, when the jib angle is greater than 75 degrees to operate, at this time the lifting must be the drum lock device with a mandatory switch open, the locking device will be disengaged, in order to lift.
2, RAM adjusted to 81.5 degrees ~ 82 degrees that contact, if not, use the error limit switch to adjust roll over protection fretting.
3. If the suspension arm is over wound, the wires between the microswitch and the automatic stop controller have been cut off or disengaged, the device will work and the engine will stop.
4, if the crane limit causes the volume protection device running is the main hook or vice hook overwind, so then lead to boom over volume, then should restart the engine has been the main 7 vice hook roll down, in order to lift the automatic stop function.
5 if the suspension arm is over winding protection device, the engine will stop immediately. In the normal working condition of the machine, the device does not work. If the device is to work, check the cause and take appropriate adjustments to bring the machine back to its normal working condition. The utility model relates to a hanging arm limit over roll protection device, which is a safety device, and prevents the hanging arm from falling backwards when the lifting device of the hook or the suspension arm winding protection device is out of order, and the like is prevented from lifting the lifting hook and lifting the arm.
If the arm of the suspension arm is at the limit of over roll protection, the microswitch detects that the jib angle has exceeded 81.5 degrees, the automatic stop controller stops the lift of the hook and boom, and beeps to stop the engine.