Understand the correct use of small crane hydraulic power steering pump
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To know more about the correct use of small crane hydraulic power steering pump most commonly used small crane is the hydraulic steering system, then the routine use of the proper use and maintenance of small crane hydraulic power steering pump?

In general, in the normal use and maintenance of hydraulic power steering pumps, the following areas need attention:
1. hydraulic power steering pump in use, pay attention to choose the correct type of booster oil, otherwise it will affect the power steering pump work efficiency and service life.
2. regularly check the use of booster oil, the use of the booster oil must be kept clean. Regular replacement booster oil, the owner in their own filling power oil, you must have a filter device.
3. small crane if a longer time suspended in the re start, do not work at full capacity immediately, at least 10 minutes no-load operation, when oil and other oil to help the normal working state and then driving.
4., control the steering of the car, pay attention to observe the power steering system operation is normal, whether there is no impact or noise, power circuit leakage or not, in order to detect and troubleshoot.